Tuesday, 17 November 2015

fact about the flag

  • Population: more than 65.7 million people live in the country (2012)
  • Capital: Paris, with 2,2 million inhabitants
  • Name: Republique Francaise (French Republic)
  • Motto: 'Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite' (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Language: French
  • Religion: mainly Christians (Roman Catholics 64%)
  • Currency: 1 Euro=100cents, until 2002 French Franc
  • History: In 700-500BC the Celtic Gauls arrive in France. In 58-50BC Roman Emperor Julius Caesar defeats the Gauls and France becomes part of the Roman Empire until 476AD. French was ruled by kings for many centuries until the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution in 1789. Then Napoleon becomes Emperor of the French Republic until he is sent to exile.
  • Flag: blue, white and red. The French refer to the flag as 'Tricolore' (french for 'three colours')

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